Soooo... what's included in the session fee?

There are a couple different session types to choose from, right? So each type may have some unique offerings, but below are the things that are included with each one:

A sneak peek gallery: Just a small handful of photos to enjoy while waiting for the full gallery to make it's way to your inbox. Sneak peeks are ready up to 5 business days post-session.

Your FULL downloadable gallery: The whole sha-bang. A nice gallery of edited images ready for download in TWO sizes. One is in Web View format & the other in High-Resolution. This gallery is usually ready with 2 weeks post-session.

Print release and PRINT RECOMMENDATIONS: You'll receive a form stating you may print & share, however PLEASE do your photos justice & print them from a reputable photo lab, That form (print recs) will also be in your gallery to download.

This one's awesome: A personal gallery APP available for 4 weeks after your receive your gallery! You can literally just pull up your app & ooooo & aaaaahhh over your photos! So FUN!

Outfit/style assistance if necessary: You guys, outfits can seeeeeriously MAKE a session. If you've worked with me before, you know we are not about matching outfits! BUT- we ARE about coordination & choosing colors & patterns & textures that are favorable to not only your skin, but even your surroundings. You can even mix & match PATTERNS. Wh-what?? Choosing outfits is not like it used to be, that's for sure! I'll be sending you some helpful info with the do's & don'ts of choosing your outfits! Let's talk about it, mkay?

Families/Couples/Teens & Seniors

Your official shooting time ranges somewhere from an hour, to an hour and a half. Note: Prep time before your session is crucial. Pre-sesh time is usually when we're most nervous & sometimes things can be a little tense, right? Cuz we want everything to go jusssst riiiight & secretly fear things'll go soooo wrooonggg. But- you guys, it can be super fun! So on the way, tell some jokes! Play some games! Snack (but wear a bib, cuz...) so no one gets hangry! Bring some non-messy candy for the littles, you know, for "encouragement". ;) Just relax & get ready to Cinnimon Rollll!!! (book a sesh with me to find out what that is, wink wink). Seniors & Teens: I'll send you some additional information to help you prep for your session!

Lifestyle Newborn

Your session will look a little different than the standard session. Your shooting time will actually be up to 3 hours. This leaves plenty of time for those little breaks that WILL be needed throughout the shoot. Diaper changes, feedings, or even just a few moments to stop & breathe are always necessary & I'm happy to step away & let you do just that. I'll send some additional information to your inbox to help you prepare for your session & hopefully put you at ease. For example, you'll see the words "Don't Clean" in there. And I mean it. ;)

Large Families: For fams with 6 -13 people

Your situation will be a little different. We'll have to get in touch & discuss exactly how many people are in your group, as well as what it is your looking for. For example, one large group photo or a mixture of that & some break outs... so yeah. We'll chat.