We pull out all the stops, you guys.
Games. Snuggles. Goin' for a little walk.
Let's hang out & have fun! I'll just happen
to have a camera in my hand.


Lifestyle Newborn

I aim for authenticity. The reality of parenthood- even if
that means stopping for a breather, or a moment alone.


Large Families

Families over 6 people & extended families.
Get some of those inside jokes ready! Don't
worry, I won't listen. Maybe. But for real, let's
loosen up & have a blast!

Let's get in contact, shall we?

*all sessions require a non-refundable $50 deposit to lock in your session.

FAQs and Topics of Discussion

Do you shoot weddings?

I do not. I've done a few weddings but have discovered they are not my "niche". I do shoot engagement session, though!

What if it rains or is overcast on our session date?

Welcome to Florida, ha! It's hard to get away from that here, especially in the summer. While I'd love for every golden hour to be, well, golden, I cannot promise that! We WILL shoot in overcast, & in SOME circumstances, even a LITTLE drizzle. However, I will not shoot in rain, and we'll have to reschedule our session.

Do you use props? Can I bring my own?

I used to be all for it... but my vision has changed a bit. I don't mind if you bring a special memento or a toy for a child- we can talk about that- but we don't want to "stage" sessions. The more props, the more distractions. Seniors, Birthday shoots, & Christmas Sessions may be a partial exception to this. Let's chat.

Do you shoot other types of events like parties, picnics, etc.?

I do not. I really am just not an event photographer. Found my niche & stickin' to it. :)

How do I get my photos?

I'll email you your very own gallery to log into. As soon as you get it, you can download the photos & they're yours!

Can I order prints from you?

I'm sorry, but that's not something I offer at this time. I will include in your gallery some suuuuper valuable printing tips & recommendations. This includes ordering prints/canvases/etc. through reputable printing companies. It makes a HUGE difference & reflects the work put into the image.

What if my child doesn't want to have their photo taken, won't sit still or won't behave?

While I can't guarantee your kiddo will love the time spent at your shoot, I will do my very best to capture a smile- even if no-one else is! Some of the best photos are ones of the kiddos being tickled, comforted, connected with, and letting them just be themselves. I never look for perfection... just connection. And I always offer encouragement- which means candy. (with your permission, of course). Now, that being said- if they're not feeling well, we can reschedule.

How do I lock in my session?

A $50 non-refundable deposit will be due within 3 business days of scheduling. Once paid, that'll seal the deal! You're in!

Why the "non-refundable" deposit?

This is a good topic, but yeah, it can be kinda awkward... See, my availability is limited and the deposit will decrease the chance of habitual cancellations, and even reschedules. Cancellations and habitual reschedules not only affect me & my family, but also families that could have booked that particular availability. Of course, we can't help when weather is a factor, especially in the summer months. Reschedules are a common occurrence at that time of year. But the good news is, that's why they're called "reschedules"... At some point, the storms will clear and we'll get the job done. ;) Hope that clears things up!

My child's bedtime is earlier than the session time you offer. Can I make it earlier?

I totally get that bedtimes are important for the littles! But I stick to the time of day that is best for my style of photography. If I make exceptions or compromises in almost any area of my work, I'll end up feeling obligated to do that for everyone that asks, and next thing ya know, my work won't really look like, well, my work. Gotta stay to true LMAC!

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