Well, hey there!!!

I have to say, as strange & awkward this may sound....this may be the most important page you'll visit! Why, you ask? Welllll here's the thing: It's extremely important for YOU to know whether or not I'm the right photographer for you. You'd be trusting me with your memories. You'd be investing in me. It's important for you to know it's worth it & that we're a great fit, right? So how 'bout we begin the connection now? Will ya stay with me & read a little further? Get to know me & my work a little better, (if we haven't already met), & then see what ya think! And I promise: NO hard feelings if I'm not quite the right fit for you. We all have different tastes, right? There's no shortage of photographers out there & I cannot imagine there NOT being one perfect for YOUR tastes!

So way up top there, behind the "About LMAC" label, that's me, Lindsie, with my man, Pete. You may get to meet him if you set up a session with me... He's the 'silver fox' I mention every now & then, & has been my assistant (orrrr....carrier of all things) many MANY times. :) And below us is our son, Calvin, & daughter, Carlie! Aren't they so stinkin' cute? (& so embarrassed if they're reading this.)

As far as "me"... I'm a 20-something year old trapped in a ____ year old body. (like I'm gunna tell youuuu...ha!) Imma cat person, but DON'T LEAVE YET! I have a love for good coffee & Nutpods creamer. I do my best to eat clean...but do sometimes take a flying leap off the bandwagon. Go big or go home, amiright? I love love LOVE my church (shout out to Heartland!!!) & THE church. I serve on the worship team there as a vocalist & serve in our youth ministry as a leader of the 12th grade girls whom I love sooooo stinkin' much! Gahhh! I have such a heart for that ministry!

 Moving on...I'm what you'd call a Natural Light, Lifestyle Portrait photographer here in Polk County. I say "Lifestyle Portrait" cuz my FAVE thing to do is just let you guys play while I shoot the in-betweens (WITH a little help & direction, of course... hello CINNAMON ROLLLL!!!) ...but we ALWAYS make time for the "hey you guys! look at me!" moments. So yeah- ya got the Lifestyle part, then the Portraiture part. ;) I also keep my images deep & rich with color... I love me some moody, dimensional shadows & rich skin tones. If you're looking for light & bright, you may not really find that here...not that I don't love that, too! It's just not how I shoot. Know what I'm sayin'? And I still love beautiful light… however in Florida, with unpredictable weather, it might be a challenge to always have that perfect glowy sunshine. So, I’ve embraced overcast, cloudy, sometimes even slightly rainy shoots. Actually, I’ve even come to love them as much as the sunny ones!

At one time, especially when I was just starting to really get into the photography gig, I was allll about the props. The more theming, the better, haha! And I think, a that time, that was kinda a “thing”, no? But currently, for MOST of my sessions, it’s just you guys. That’s it. Just you or you & your spouse, fiance, fam, etc., And maybe some bubbles. Or a toy or two. But even a toy isn’t to add to the photo, but to enhance those who are in it! Not as a prop, but as an item that may spark a great reaction from a child or a natural behavior that is authentic & emotive… one that when captured, you can sense their happiness, or perhaps even sadness, or love. Whatever that moment offers. See where I’m going with this? The exceptions to this rule are some of the birthday sessions, senior sessions, & possibly Christmas sessions if offered. But whatever we throw even into those sessions, we will use to enhance the atmosphere. Not take away from it. :) 

Lemme seee... what else?.... or maybe I should say "WHO" else? JESUS. He's my Savior; my hero. He's my Rock. My Redeemer. My best friend. My Comforter. My Peace. My everything. I can't put Him into words, really- cuz He's way more than my words can give Him credit for. But if you don't know Him, I hope that one day you will. Let's talk about that over some coffee, hmmm? ;) But I give Him ALL the credit for why I'm even sitting here typing this all out. May God get all the glory for everything I accomplish in this business.